Music Engraving


I can create publication-quality musical examples for your book or article using Finale notation software.

For each example, you will receive the Finale file, a PDF, and a high-resolution image in PNG, JPG, and/or TIFF format, depending on your needs. If your publisher has specifications for the size or resolution of images, let me know in advance, but I can always generate new images if necessary.


I have been using Finale since 2003 as an arranger, composer, and educator.

I prepared some of the examples in Annegret Fauser’s The Politics of Musical Identity: Selected Essays (Farnham, UK: Ashgate, 2015).


I can work from images of published scores or neat manuscripts (no messy sketches!). Any texts (lyrics, expression marks, etc.) written in Latin script are fine, but if it’s in a language other than English, German, Latin, or a common Romance language, I may ask you to provide me with the text in a Word document. My ability to reproduce non-standard notation depends on what Finale can and can’t do.


For each example, there is a $3 base fee, plus a cost per frame (non-empty measure) of between $0.25 and $5.00, depending on overall complexity and the amount of special formatting needed. (Most music will be in the $0.50-$2.00 range.) Frames that are exact duplicates are only counted once.

Within reason, I will make any necessary edits for no additional charge.


It is your responsibility to make sure you obtain the necessary permissions to reproduce any examples.



Every project is different, but these samples are provided to give a sense of my work and rates. Fonts for lyrics, staff names, and other text can be changed upon request.

Example 1: Georg Philipp Telemann, Fantasia in D minor


Frames: 14 (counting the pickup, but not counting measure 5, which is an exact duplicate of measure 1)

Cost per frame: $0.50 (straightforward, with no formatting complications, but could be even simpler)

Total cost (including base fee): $10.00

Example 2: Arnold Schoenberg, “Ich darf nicht dankend” (Op. 14, no. 1)


Frames: 19 (7 measures x 3 staves, minus the two measures of rest at the beginning of the vocal line)

Cost per frame: $1.00 (relatively simple texture; complicating factors include chromaticism, manual adjustment of slurs and articulation marks, and multiple layers in some measures of the piano part)

Total cost (including base fee): $22.00

Example 3: Fanny Hensel, Four Lieder for Piano, Op. 2, no. 4


Frames: 12 (6 measures x 2 staves)

Cost per frame: $2.00 (while the outer layers are very simple, cross-staff beaming is a giant pain involving a lot of manual adjustment of individual notes and beams)

Total cost (including base fee): $27.00