I served as editorial assistant to the Editor in Chief of the Journal of the American Musicological Society (vol. 66, 2013), and I currently fact-check citations for the Journal of Musicology. In 2019, I completed the Introduction to Professional Academic Editing course created by Cathy Hannabach and Sarah Grey. I am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. I have experience editing monographs, journal articles, chapters in edited volumes, and dissertations.

Types of Editing

  • Line editing: substantive editing to improve the clarity and effectiveness of your writing
  • Copyediting: addressing issues with spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, consistency, and adherence to any required style guides
  • Proofreading: final correction of errors and formatting issues before publication
  • Citation checking: formatting citations and researching the accuracy of citations and quoted material (see my page for this service)

Types of Material

  • Academic books, journal articles, and dissertations/theses
  • Grant applications and book proposals
  • Textbooks and other learning material
  • Musical scores, hymnals, and songbooks (proofreading only)
  • Historical and religious nonfiction
  • Biographies
  • Arts and culture criticism
  • Reference works

Subject Expertise

  • Musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory
  • U.S. and French history (especially 20th century)
  • Christianity
  • Women’s and gender studies
  • Higher-education pedagogy
  • Current events and Internet culture


Rates depend on the type of editing and the requirements of the project, but they typically range between $1 and $5 per 100 words ($2.50 to $12.50 per 250-word page). Contact me for a quote.