Services for Scholars


I offer the following services to scholars in the humanities:

  • Research Support: I can help you manage and sort through the results of your archival research.
  • Audio Transcription: I can transcribe interviews, dictation, lectures, and other spoken audio.
  • Citation Checking: I can format and fact-check citations in Chicago style.
  • Music Engraving: I can create publication-quality musical examples for your book or article.

In the future, I aim to expand my offerings with services including video captioning, book indexing, copy editing and proofreading, and translation (French to English, Spanish to English). I’m also working on relearning MLA style so that I can provide citation assistance to more people!

I am a musicologist by training, with a focus on twentieth-century composers and their transnational personal and professional networks. My research intersects with such fields as Jewish studies, disability studies, exile/migration studies, and feminist biography. While I am especially interested in assisting with projects in these areas, I am certainly not limited to them! I currently only work with English-language scholarship, but I’m comfortable checking sources in French, Spanish, and Italian.