Services for Scholars


I offer the following services to scholars in the arts and humanities:

  • Editing: I can copyedit, line edit, and proofread a variety of written material.
  • Citation Checking: I can format and fact-check citations in Chicago, MLA, APA, or Harvard style.
  • Audio Transcription: I can transcribe interviews, dictation, lectures, and other spoken audio.
  • Music Engraving: I can create publication-quality musical examples for your book or article.
  • Research Support: I can help you manage and sort through the results of your archival research.

I am a musicologist by training, with a focus on twentieth-century composers and their transnational personal and professional networks. My research intersects with such fields as Jewish studies, disability studies, exile/migration studies, and feminist biography. While I am especially interested in assisting with projects in these areas, I am certainly not limited to them! I currently only work with English-language scholarship, but I’m comfortable checking sources in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German.