Sermon Transcription


Do you post audio recordings of your sermons on your church website? Adding transcripts provides many benefits:

  • Written text makes your sermon accessible to people with hearing impairments, people who have difficulty understanding spoken English, and people who just don’t have time to listen to a full recording, but would love to hear your message.
  • The text of your sermons will be indexed by Google and other search engines, driving more visitors to your site – and hopefully to your church!
  • You can use the transcript in blog posts, emails, and social media marketing.


My standard rate for recordings with a single speaker is $1.80 per minute of audio, or $.03 per second. For example:

Sermon Length Cost
15 minutes $27
20 minutes $36
30 minutes $54
45 minutes $81
60 minutes $108

This is a typical mid-range price point for sermon transcription, and I offer a number of advantages over low-cost services:

  • Consistent high quality: With low-cost transcription services, you often don’t know who is transcribing your file, and it could be a different person each time, leading to inconsistent quality. I have five years of transcription experience, a background in editing, and a strong command of English grammar and sentence structure.
  • Ready to go: The finished transcripts will require little to no editing on your part—just put them right on your website!
  • Biblical literacy: I am a lifelong Christian, and I’ve read the Bible cover to cover. I use websites like BibleGateway and Bible Hub to make sure all Scripture references and quotations are accurate and formatted correctly.
  • Personal communication: I will work with you to create transcripts that suit your needs.
  • Fairness: For any transcript, I can do one round of reasonable corrections for no additional charge. If you send me a file that I know I can’t transcribe accurately (because of poor audio quality, difficult/unfamiliar accents or terminology, etc.), I will let you know right away rather than taking your money for an inferior product.

Transcript Style

My goal is to create a transcript that is easily readable and accurately represents what you said. This means that I clean up false starts, speech disfluency (your “likes” and “ums”), self-correction, and obvious misspeaking, but I never paraphrase or change the meaning of the text.

Before I transcribe one of your sermons for the first time, I will ask you a few questions about your formatting preferences. (For example, do you capitalize pronouns referring to God and/or Jesus?) If you have any other specifications, let me know!


If you speak from a script (not an outline) but sometimes ad-lib or paraphrase, then rather than creating a transcript from scratch, I can edit your script so that it matches what you actually said. This service is billed by how long it takes me (at $36/hour), not by audio minute, and will never exceed the cost of a full transcription of the same recording.

Turnaround Time

Allow three full days for sermons up to 30 minutes in length, and five days for sermons over 30 minutes. At this time, I do not offer rush delivery.