Music Engraving


I have over fifteen years of experience using Finale notation software to typeset music for churches, and I would welcome the opportunity to use this skill to help make the music in your services more flexible, creative, and unique to your congregation.


If you want to sing new words to an existing hymn tune, or if you have altered a hymn text to make it more inclusive or fit a special occasion, I can create hymnal-style sheet music for a flat fee of $20 per hymn. You will receive a PDF suitable for printing in a worship bulletin.

If the hymn tune you’re using is one that I have already engraved in Finale, then the cost to replace the text is only $5 per hymn. I currently have the following tunes in my library:

  • Engelberg
  • Kingsfold
  • Morecambe
  • Tallis Third

Lead Sheets

I can create lead sheets (melody, lyrics, and chord symbols) from piano/vocal sheet music. This can facilitate congregational singing by enabling the melody to be printed in the worship bulletin, and it also minimizes page turns for your music leaders.

If you want to adapt the song in any way (changing lyrics, transposing to a new key, simplifying the form, etc.), let me know when you send me the sheet music. It’s easier if the sheet music already has the chord symbols written out, but I can also create them myself from the piano part.

Because the length, complexity, and structure of songs can vary greatly, this service is priced by how long it takes me, at $36/hour. (I can usually complete a lead sheet in under an hour.)


If you need music transposed to a new key or written out for different instruments (such as a hymn transcribed for string quartet, an oboe part transposed for clarinet, etc.), I can do that in Finale. Pricing is based on the length and complexity of the project.

Larger Projects

For larger projects, contact me and we’ll see how I might be able to help you. Note that I do not offer composition or arranging services at this time, though you can buy some of my church music here.


My products are intended only for non-commercial use in worship. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the necessary permissions and licensing to use and reproduce music in worship services.