Services for Church Leaders


I offer the following services to church leaders:

  • Sermon Transcription: I can produce transcripts from audio recordings for use on your church website, newsletter, or other publications.
  • Editing: I can copyedit, line edit, and proofread a variety of written material.
  • Music Engraving: I can create high-quality sheet music for your hymns, lead sheets, and other music for worship.

You can also find links to purchase my music for choral and congregational singing here.

I am a progressive Baptist (yes, that’s a thing!), and my church does a mix of traditional and contemporary music, placing a priority on inclusive language. I’m particularly interested in working with other socially and theologically progressive churches, especially those that affirm LGBTQ people and relationships. (If your church doesn’t fit that description, I can probably still work with you–I just want you to know where I’m coming from!)