Make Your Manuscripts Easier To Edit With This One Weird Trick

Pop quiz: Which of these two bibliography extracts is formatted correctly? (These are from the bibliography for my dissertation, if that wasn’t 100% obvious.) They’re exactly the same, right? I haven’t slipped in any typos or Chicago style mistakes for you to catch. If we’re looking at this on the screen in Word or printedContinue reading “Make Your Manuscripts Easier To Edit With This One Weird Trick”


Erin’s Weekly Project Tracker

My work life as a freelancer/adjunct isn’t all that different from when I was a grad student – I’m juggling a bunch of different projects and types of work on any given day, my responsibilities range from ten-minute tasks to long-term projects, multiple unrelated people are depending on me to finish things on time, andContinue reading “Erin’s Weekly Project Tracker”



Checking Twitter between AMS papers yesterday afternoon, I saw a few musicology friends grumbling about critic Anthony Tommasini’s new piece in the New York Times, “The Case for Greatness in Classical Music,” adapted from his new book. I took a minute to read it before running off to another paper, and it annoyed me about asContinue reading “~greatness~”


Hymn Descant: EASTER HYMN

It just figures that this would be the year I decided to Make An Effort and write new hymn descants for Easter! I had just finished arranging the hymns, prelude, and postlude for the little chamber orchestra we usually have when it became clear that we wouldn’t be having an in-person Easter service. I hopeContinue reading “Hymn Descant: EASTER HYMN”