My central goal as a teacher is to empower students to think critically about music, its roles in society, and its place in their own lives. Whether the topic is historical or contemporary, familiar or foreign, “classical” or “popular”—and whether a student has experienced music as a performer or only as a listener—the study of music can offer a compelling perspective on vital questions of culture, aesthetics, and values.

Depending on the schedule and the distance from my home (in Delaware County, PA) or other teaching commitments, I may be available to teach at your institution in the Philadelphia / Delaware Valley area. I am also available to teach online.

While I am always looking to expand my horizons, my teaching experience has centered on:

  • General-education courses: As a graduate teaching assistant, I happened to be assigned primarily to introductory courses for non-majors, and I remain committed to the study of music as part of a liberal-arts curriculum and to the integration of music studies with other fields in the arts and humanities.
  • Online courses: I have taught online courses in music appreciation, world music, and country music, and I incorporate online elements into my classroom-based courses. In 2019, I completed West Chester University’s Online Faculty Development Program, and in 2020, I completed the Distance Education Training program at Delaware Valley University in preparation for teaching remotely during COVID-19. I am familiar with the Blackboard, D2L, and Sakai learning management systems, and I can easily learn new ones.
  • Condensed courses: Building courses around targeted case studies and overarching questions–rather than aiming for “coverage”–has enabled me to teach effectively in shorter periods of time. I began my teaching career with a five-week summer course on women and music, and I’m now in my fifth year of teaching a seven-week music appreciation module in an interdisciplinary Introduction to the Fine Arts course.

Courses Taught

West Chester University

Music in Culture and History (online) (Spring 2019)

Women in Music (Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019)

Delaware Valley University

Introduction to the Fine Arts: Music (Fall 2016–)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Introduction to World Musics (Carolina Courses Online, Spring 2015)

Introduction to Country Music (Carolina Courses Online, co-instructor, Spring 2015)

Introduction to Women and Music (Summer School 2014)

Courses Assisted (UNC Chapel Hill)

Recitation Leader: Introduction to World Musics (2014), Musicianship Skills II (2012), Great Musical Works (2010)

Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Rock Music (2014), The Sounds of War and Revolution Since 1750 (2012), Introduction to Jazz (2011), Introduction to Country Music (2010), Fundamentals of Music (2009)