Pro Tip Tuesday #7: Just use the first place of publication

Unlike APA and MLA, the Chicago Manual of Style still requires the place of publication, not just the publisher’s name, in citations for books. However, if multiple cities are listed, you only need to include the first one (14.129). Some common instances of this:

  • Brill – just Leiden, not Leiden and Boston
  • Duke University Press – just Durham, not Durham and London
  • Routledge – New York or London (whichever is listed first), not both
  • University of California Press (older books) – just Berkeley, not Berkeley and Los Angeles

When I’m editing citations, I typically take out extra cities, both because the Chicago Manual says I can and because it makes it easier to achieve consistency across entries for books with the same publication details. (Of course, publishers can move around, so be careful—my dissertation cited a lot of UC Press books, and the first time I opened one and saw “Oakland” instead of “Berkeley” was disorienting.)