Since I first bought the domain in 2015, heading into my last year of grad school, erinkmaher.com has looked like this:

old site

I started working on the redesign this summer, originally planning to launch it at the beginning of 2019, but it came together faster than I anticipated, so here it is!

What’s the same:

  • Most of the same information about my research and teaching is still here, moved to the About Me section.
  • Same headshot – it’s a selfie I took in 2015 in my North Carolina apartment when I was selected for a fellowship at the last minute and didn’t have a suitable photo lying around to send them. I’ll replace it eventually!

What’s different (besides the site design):

  • The old site was focused pretty narrowly on my academic CV, but I want this version to be about more than just The Job Search. I’m now in my third year as an adjunct, and presenting myself only as a job candidate doesn’t feel right anymore.
  • In particular, I now have more information about my church involvement. (I even have some of my worship songs for sale, which is something I never thought I would do!) While it might not count for much on my CV, I’ve done similar work in this environment as I have in academia, such as teaching, archival processing, music editing, and committee service.
  • I now offer a number of freelance services: research support, citation checking, audio transcription, and music engraving. I’ve got the hang of this #adjunctlife thing enough to start integrating other work into my professional life, and I’m starting with areas where I already have significant experience. Unless a full-time teaching position comes my way (we’ll see!), I’m planning to develop other academic services over the next couple years, including indexing and translation.
  • I’m going to try to use the blog this time! The blog on the old site was just for highlighting updates to my CV. I’m now planning to share more of my research, as well as posts on pedagogy, adjuncting, church music, and other topics.